“Education is not plucking of fruits. It is learning to plant trees.”
Management Education in India is polarized between two distant extremes. At one end are the elite institutes which churn out products for the western world, with little regard for Indian needs. At the other end are colleges which teach management like any other course with the primary objective of passing the exams. This situation has led to pseudo employment of our Management graduates. IAME believes that, if India is to realize its dream of being a global leader, it needs managers at all levels, not mearly in the boardrooms. It needs both Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs. Also, as an international player, our youth need to become seamlessly connected to the world. What India needs is Indian Management with international perspective, while retaining Indian ethos and values.

Sri H B Shivakumar

Sri Mahantesh B Nelavigi
Managing Director

“Try hard to get what you like, or you will be forced to like what you get”
Most management institutes in India are more or less clones of one another. Each one of them conducts courses mandated by the affiliated boards and universities with similar syllabi. However, those wishing to pursue management education must look for an institute which not only gives them the facility to obtain a degree, but also make them ready for their careers, not just jobs. We, at IAME, have put in systems which are directed towards this fundamental need of our prospective students. IAME has the largest spectrum of courses from graduate to post graduate levels. We are fully dedicated to Management and Commerce Education only, unlike some others, for whom management is just one of the many streams, which makes them lose the focus. IAME, therefore, offers infra-culture in addition to infrastructure. Our ecofriendly Wi-Fi enabled modern campus is conducive for learning without distractions. Our faculty are a judicious mix of academicians and industry practitioners.

With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years, Mr. Govindaraj Setty brings a wealth of expertise in Marketing, Channel Management, Key Account Management, Brand Management, and Team Management across diverse sectors, prominently including the educational industry. His extensive background and proven track record make him a formidable leader in Sales & Marketing and Strategy Planning, uniquely tailored to meet the dynamic demands of the educational sector.

Extensive Background: Sri Setty’s comprehensive experience encompasses various facets of marketing and management, honed through years of hands-on involvement in different industries.

Strategic Thinker: Demonstrating a keen strategic acumen, Mr. Setty has consistently devised innovative strategies to propel business growth, penetrate new market segments, and enhance brand visibility within educational contexts.

Sales Expertise: With a keen eye for identifying sales opportunities and a mastery of tailored sales planning, Mr. Setty has successfully aligned organizational objectives with the nuanced needs of the educational landscape, driving tangible results.

Sri Govindaraj Setty
Director – Operations and Strategies

Communication and Relationship-Building: Mr. Setty’s exceptional communication skills, coupled with his adeptness in building and nurturing relationships, have been pivotal in navigating complex educational ecosystems and fostering fruitful partnerships.

Problem-Solving: A natural problem-solver, Mr. Setty has demonstrated proficiency in addressing challenges within the educational sector, leveraging his analytical prowess and managerial finesse to overcome obstacles and drive success.

As Director, Mr. Govindaraj Setty is poised to leverage his extensive experience and strategic vision to steer the organization towards continued growth and success within the dynamic educational landscape. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for innovation, positions him as a driving force in shaping the future of the educational industry.

Dr. K Aparna Rao
Director – Academics

Dr. K Aparna brings over 26 years of experience as a distinguished Management Faculty with a profound research orientation. Throughout her illustrious career, she has demonstrated excellence in facilitating students across various disciplines of Human Resource Management, coupled with remarkable administrative prowess. Her accolades and achievements underscore her commitment to education and leadership in the academic sphere.


  • “Outstanding Professional Women” by SIWAA
  • “Distinguished Women’s Achiever” award at the Global Women Summit
  • “National Women Leadership” award, Kolkata
  • “APJ Abdul Kalam Best Teacher” by ISBR B School, Bangalore

Recognized as one of the most “Influential Directors” among the top 100 B Schools in India by the World Education Congress.

Dr. K Aparna’s contributions extend beyond conventional teaching realms. She has successfully facilitated numerous colleges in achieving accreditation from NAAC, AICTE, and LIC inspections, as well as establishing research center approvals while serving as Principal and Director.

Currently, Dr. K Aparna is actively involved in guiding three research scholars in their doctoral programs under Bharathiar University, Tamil Nadu. Her registration as a guide under Bharathidasa University underscores her commitment to fostering academic excellence.

In addition to her academic pursuits, Dr. K Aparna is a dynamic force in forging corporate and international university tie-ups and collaborations. Her extensive professional network spans various levels within universities and the educational industry, facilitating enriching partnerships and opportunities.

Dr. K Aparna has also played pivotal roles as a Governing Body Member, Head of IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell), and Research Head, demonstrating her multifaceted expertise and leadership within academic institutions.

With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years, Mr. R A Phaneendra stands as a seasoned professional with a diverse skill set encompassing Education, Training, and Cyber Security Technology. His extensive expertise includes Channel Management, Key Account Management, Team Management, Domain-Specific Life Skills, Counseling, and Career Suitability Support.

Qualifications: Education and Training: Sri Phaneendra’s profound understanding of the Education sector is backed by decades of experience in training and education. His expertise extends to Cyber Security Technology Training, where he has established himself as a dynamic specialist.

End-to-End Admissions Process: With comprehensive knowledge of the admissions process, Mr. Phaneendra possesses hands-on experience in lead generation, application management, and admissions. His proficiency in handling CRM software such as NPF, Extra Edge, Upswing, and Lead Squared underscores his adeptness in managing the admissions pipeline effectively.

Team Management: Mr. Phaneendra’s leadership prowess shines through his experience in working with diverse teams, including telecallers, publishers, admissions team members, and academic colleagues. His well-developed influencing skills enable him to foster collaboration and drive collective success.

Sri R A Phaneendra
Director – Outreach and Institutional Alliances

Cyber Security Specialization: As a dynamic professional specialized in Cyber Security, Mr. Phaneendra brings a unique perspective to the table. His expertise in this domain empowers him to analyze sales opportunities, explore new markets, identify key accounts, and expand the client base effectively.

Effective Communication and Problem-Solving: Mr. Phaneendra is renowned for his exceptional communication skills, coupled with excellent organization and problem-solving abilities. These qualities have been instrumental in his success across various roles within the education and cyber security sectors.

Mr. R A Phaneendra’s rich and diverse skill set, combined with his extensive experience, positions him as a valuable asset in any organization. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his passion for innovation, makes him a driving force in shaping the future of education and cyber security.