International Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship (IAME), Bengaluru

About Nalanda Educational Trust

Nalanda Educational Trust being the mother organization of IAME is a charitable Trust established with an idea of rendering service to the society by providing quality education to the students and make them the leaders of our nation in various fields. Sri H B Shivakumar, a philanthropist is the Chairman, under whose guidance it is equipping itself with numerous facets to its vision. With able support from Sri Mahantesh B Nelavigi, Managing Director and Mr. Ramakrishna B K, Vice Chairman are taking the Academy to greater heights. The Academy is not just a Management School, but striving hard to fulfil the promise made to the society by the NET Trustees.

The Academy is not just a Management School, but striving hard to fulfil the promise made to the society by the NET Trustees.


The International Academy of Management and Entrepreneurship (IAME) is a premier educational institution situated in Bengaluru, in the year. Established with a vision to foster excellence in management and entrepreneurship education, IAME stands as an ideal of innovative learning and global perspectives. Since its inception, the institution has been dedicated to providing high-quality education, nurturing talent, and producing future-ready leaders and industry equipped who can thrive in the dynamic business landscape.

IAME’s mission is to cultivate a learning environment that empowers individuals to become adept managers, visionary entrepreneurs, and socially responsible leaders. Through a blend of rigorous academic curriculum, practical exposure, and industry-driven initiatives, the institution aims to equip students with the skills, knowledge, and mindset necessary to succeed in diverse professional domains.

IAME offers a diverse range of academic programs tailored to meet the evolving needs of the industry. These include undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral programs in management and entrepreneurship. The curriculum is designed to instill critical thinking, problem-solving abilities, and a holistic understanding of business dynamics. Additionally, the institution emphasizes practical learning through industry internships, live projects, and experiential activities.

Industry Interface:

Recognizing the importance of industry engagement, IAME maintains strong ties with leading organizations, corporate partners, and entrepreneurship networks. Through guest lectures, seminars, workshops, and industry visits, students gain valuable insights into current market trends, best practices, and emerging opportunities. Moreover, the institution facilitates internships, placement assistance, and networking events to bridge the gap between academia and industry.

Global Perspective:

As a testament to its commitment to global education, IAME fosters a multicultural and inclusive learning environment. The institution collaborates with renowned international universities, participates in student exchange programs, and hosts international conferences to promote cross-cultural understanding and collaboration. This global exposure equips students with a broadened worldview and prepares them to excel in a globalized economy.

Social Responsibility:

In line with its ethos of social responsibility, IAME actively engages in community development initiatives, sustainability projects, and corporate social responsibility activities. By instilling values of ethical leadership, environmental stewardship, and social impact, the institution endeavors to create responsible citizens and conscientious leaders who contribute meaningfully to society.