Critical thinking is an essential skill for entrepreneurs as they navigate the challenges and opportunities of starting and growing a business. It involves the ability to analyze information, evaluate options, and make informed decisions based on evidence and logic.

The key aspects will be elucidated by Sri Rohit Saraswati, Founder, CYD Foundation.

Date: 7th May 2024
Time: 11 AM to 1PM
Venue: IAME B School

About Sri Rohith Saraswathi

A full time engineer turned into a full time storyteller, a teacher, a mountaineer, a traveler, and founder of CYD Foundation, He has climbed Mt. Everest not once but twice. He traveled the whole of India on his two wheeler to create awareness about DREAMS.

His CYD initiative has touched over 1,50,000 students across Karnataka propelling him to win the “Bharatiya Samskruthi Bhushana” award and be celebrated as “Namma Bahubali” on national television. Sri Rohith’s life embodies the triumph of perseverance and the power of dreams.

IAME Workshop on “Leveraging Emerging Technologies in Post Covid World” by Mr. Deepesh Goel, IIT, IIM, a Strategic Consultant.

The objectives / take-aways from the session- How Covid has affected us, Emerging technologies a big enabler, Advent of Internet of Things.

A high-level outline on the following aspects:

  1. Setting the context
  2. Adaptability: “survival of the fittest” to “survival of the quickest”
  3. Emerging technologies
  4. Data is the new oil
  5. Internet of things
  6. Industrial internet of things
  7. Current IIOT domains & IOT addressing Covid

Seminar on “Principles of Management & its Practical Implementation”

by Mr. M R Satyanarayana, IIM, Retired in Top Executive Grade from a reputed Bank, DGM, Editor of some of the prestigious periodical Publications of the college, An ISO lead Auditor, Mr. M R Satyanarayan successfully completed many professional Courses;

  1. MBA- Banking & Finance,
  2. Effective Business communication from IIM Bangalore
  3. Get Beyond Work-Life Balance from Catalyst Inc. New York,
  4. IT & Cyber Certification from PwC, Mumbai,
  5. Strategic Management from IIM, Bangalore
  6. CSR to CorporateSocial Innovation from Babson College, New York,
  7. Trade Finance from IIBF, Mumbai,
  8. KYC & AML from IIBF, Mumbai,
  9. Lead Quality Auditor ISO 9001:2000 standards from BVQI Bangalore,
  10. CAIIB from IIBF, Mumbai.