Pre-Placement Program

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller

Acquiring a management degree requires dedication, effort and a thorough understanding of theoretical tools. But this does not complete the loop, as you prepare for a career in the corporate world. You need to learn the ways of the corporate world, the ability to translate these theoretical concepts into practical know-how, and learn to navigate the corporate world.

The pre-placement program is designed to run in-parallel with your MBA curriculum, so not only are you ready with the knowledge, you also have the insights into applying them at your first job.

Key components of the pre-placement program include:

  1. Communication skills for the modern workplace – Writing an effective email is more than just the stringing together of words. It is about clarity in thought on the message that you intend to convey to the recipient. Or having a difficult conversation with your colleagues or manager – it becomes very important to choose your words wisely. This is the art of communication that you need to learn.
  2. Presentation and public speaking skills – It is common to be invited to lead meetings, or the presentation of an idea you suggested to your team . How do you make sure that your idea is presented in the best way possible to your seniors and colleagues so that it is accepted?
  3. Computational skills – The need to measure goes hand in hand with every project you undertake in your corporate role. Do you know the right tools that you will need to calculate and measure the numbers involved?
  4. Group Behaviour – Some of the best work in corporate organizations is a result of teamwork. Working well with a team requires several skills that go beyond subject matter expertise. Empathy, leadership, the ability to listen, the skill to politely say ‘No’, and to identify the strong qualities of every team member.
  5. Applied Management – How does your theory subject pan out in a corporate environment. Micro projects and tasks help you understand how to apply what you have learnt in the classroom, to a corporate role.

What To Expect?

  1. Intensive, and interactive sessions
  2. Off-campus internships and on-campus projects
  3. University mandated projects
  4. Training in foreign languages
  5. Digital marketing program
  6. Sap Training, advanced Excel and so on.