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Mr. S. Shirdish

Mr. S. Shirdish

Chief Executive Officer


In today’s dynamic world the role of Management Professional is vital. One has to play an effective role for the success of an organization. There is a paradigm shift in the needs of Corporates in turn the persons connected also needs to change. To achieve this goal, it is not merely adequate to follow only old theories. It doesn’t mean we have to discard the entire old theory. One should have perfect combination of old roots and new buds. To achieve this it requires lot of transformation.

In order to equip the present generation to adopt to today’s requirement, we are continuously analysing, reviewing and modifying the techniques so that our students have to be EXTRA ordinary, when they meet the challenges. To provide that EXTRA, our dedicated team is on day to day making all out efforts and researches in imparting it to the students amidst greenery which reminds of Gurukul atmosphere. As a result, we are providing timely and adequate support, inputs to our Students. This is yielding good result and our students are reaping the benefits. Thereby we are achieving our motto of satisfying the Student’s requirement.

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Think before you Ink.